Best ads – In no particular order – Grim Reaper

This ad, made in 1987 and from Australia, was aimed at creating public awareness about the spread of HIV/Aids, and produced by Siimon Reynolds (note the addiiitiiiional i).

One interesting issue in relation to this advertisement was that the Australian government, and particularly, the Minister for Health, recognised the significance of the HIV/Aids, and were willing to run a campaign such as this, while other countries, including the US, were slow to take the infection seriously as a health issue.

As an advertisement, it was confronting and honest – something that more recent Australian commercials, such as those produced for the TAC – have extended and made more realistic. While the Grim Reaper is a form of metaphor for death, some controversy arose because the Grim Reaper became identified with gay men infecting the rest of the population.

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