Is Miranda better than Susan?

It’s funny when worlds collide.



I have been following Mirandasings08 for quite some time now, and, she has become very much a phenomenon of the internet, and more specifically, YouTube. You need to spend some time looking at some of Miranda’s performances, to see that she is a very clever talent.

What is interesting is that Miranda, and most probably, Susan Boyle, would not have become so widely known without the internet. I find it fascinating that we now have so much of this entertainment available to us. It is no surprise that traditional media, such as newspapers, television and radio, are struggling to come to terms with this freely available media.

So much of the traditional media, entertainment, and business in general, is about control. One of things that I learnt when I did my business degree was the principle of PLOC – planning, leading, organising and controlling. So, in the traditional media, the model is built around  controlling when, and what you will watch, on their terms.

So there is no surprise that when creative people – people who love a particular art form, or sport – take initiative and use the new media in good faith, the old media (and the people who support the old business models) use punitive and restrictive methods to try to control them. 

New media is about individuals having the freedom to create something, and then broadcasting their “product” to anyone who is willing to watch it or listen to it. Mirandasings08 is definitely one of those people who realise that they have a great talent, that would never be picked up by mainstream media. Obviously, there is a lot of the stuff on the internet is banal and complete crap, but it is easy to argue that traditional media models allow a large amount of crap and banality to get through, as well.

But I would argue that this is the new way. There is no turning back. And any media, or even business, that believes they are able to complete control their “market” is fooling themselves.

Obviously, the Obama campaign knew this, and so does Colleen Ballinger.

Back off, haters!

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