The Brownlow Medal blue carpet arrivals


Probably the most interesting part of the interminably long Brownlow Medal count being held tomorrow (Monday) night in Melbourne as part of AFL Grand Final week, are the red carpet arrivals. This year, a sponsorship agreement has meant that the red carpet is now blue – although the sponsor, Prius, is “green”, that colour was deemed too dramatically different and so they went with blue instead. There seems to be such a huge interest in the dresses that the WAGS wear, with Rebecca Twigley’s dress in 2004 being seen as a high (low) point in, dare I say, the modern era.

Well, I am able to reveal here, on, the outfit that will likely make the headlines on Tuesday. Although I am not sure who will wear it, it ticks all the boxes – backless, revealing, perfectly fitted, appropriate for football, and, best of all, it will work in Melbourne’s notoriously changeable weather.

The Slanket, Toasty, Snuggie, Freedom Blanket, Blankcoat … whatever you call it, it is perfect for the Brownlow Red/Blue/Green carpet.


You have to admit, it is pretty enticing. Throw in a nice cup of tea, and you’re set.

I bloody dare any of the WAGS to wear the Slanket tomorrow night – it is sure to be noticed, and they will definitely be remembered as long as Rebecca Twigley… and for the right reasons.

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