consultancy and speaking engagaments

I am available for research and strategic consultancy on a fee-for-service basis.

To book me for keynotes and panels, contact Trish Stafford at Saxton Speakers Bureau, +61 2 8968 6650, tstafford(at)

I conduct research into consumer behaviour, branding, and services marketing. I have advanced qualitative skills, including ethnographic, interviewing and focus group research and analysis skills, as well as quantitative research and analytical skills (including causal modeling, conjoint choice modeling and experimental design). Clients have included Phillip Island Nature Parks, Nestle, Next Wave Festival, Fringe Festival, Department of Heritage and Environment (Federal), Museum Victoria, Department of Justice (Victoria), Commonwealth Games 2006 Arts Program, Consumer Action Law Centre, Australian Securities and Investment Commission, and Libraries Victoria.

I provide strategic marketing advice to organisations based on my experience as a marketing researcher, as well as board member, and manager of nonprofit organisations. I am currently a council member of the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, a board member (and former chair) of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, and a member of the Standing Advisory Committee on Consumer Affairs with ACCAN.

I can be contacted at paul{at}

1 Response to consultancy and speaking engagaments

  1. Ian Taylor says:

    Dear Paul,

    Thankyou for this informative Blog Sight.

    We are an Oracle Partner and Niche Consultancy who specialise in implementing, upgradiong and supporting Oracle ERP Systems for large Australian and overseas clients. Our current clients include CBA, Macquarie Bank, ING, AMP and Ernst & Young.

    We are looking to engage a suitable graduate to develop into a professional Business Development Manager, selling consulting services to the top 100 Australian Companies and Government Departments. Over time they will have the opportunity to build a network of clients that will caterpault them into a career as a BDM/Partner with one of the large System Integrators

    Do you have a quality graduate who is looking for a career in relationship selling? They would be coached and given a territory and their role would include making enough phone calls to get 4 to 5 client facing meetings per day and closing enough sales over a 12 month period to set them up to generate $3M turnover in the second year.

    Look forward to your feedback.

    Kind regards Ian
    Ian Taylor
    Managing Director

    M: 0418 271 908
    GPO Box 3454, Sydney NSW 2001

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