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Targeting children with integrated marketing communications

Balancing the benefits and risks of public-private partnerships

Integrated marketing communication and power: An under-investigated phenomena

The ethical and policy implications of profiling vulnerable customers (Neural networking and the use of data to target consumers in the finance sector)

Advertising and its effect on children’s attitudes and behaviour

Shutting the Gates – Research into the psychology of in-home sales – Full report / Summary

Evaluating Artistic Work

Board with homework – Can directors use the excuse of information overload?

Help Sales Force See Relationship Benefit

“Congratulations! You’re Pre-approved”, research report into credit card limit increase marketing (WARNING – 17mb)

Credit Limit Increase Offers

Massi and Harrison – Postmodernism and Branding (12mb)

Massi and Harrison – The Branding of Arts and Culture: An International Comparison

How Sincere is Dove?

Harrison and Hartley – Difficult Brands

Hartley and Harrison – Bonds to Cultural Brands

Harrison, Shaw, and McDonald – An Exploration of the Components of Relational Bonds to an Arts Festival Brand

Harrison and Shaw – Marketing in Nonprofit Organisations

Sponsorship: Cutting through the hype