I appear regularly on television (e.g., 7pm Project, Sunrise, Today Tonight, A Current Affair, ABC news), and radio (e.g., Triple J, 2UE, 2GB, ABC – local and national), and provide commentary for newspapers (e.g., The New York Times, The Age, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald) and magazines (e.g., BRW, B and T weekly, Voyeur In-Flight Magazine), and regularly writes op. eds for major newspapers.

For media comment or research related to social psychology, consumer psychology, consumer behavior, branding, ethical consumption, ethical marketing, and political marketing, please contact me at

You can follow me on twitter, join my Facebook group, listen to me on Soundcloud or watch more videos on my YouTube page.


Print and Online

Op eds

Plain cigarette packaging will change smokers… slowly – The Conversation (11 April, 2011)

How the masters of make-believe are rifling through your wallet – Sydney Morning Herald and The Age (18 July 2010)

Schools are a marketers dream venue – The Age (21 October, 2009)

Hey hey, it’s postmodernism – ABC Unleashed (9 October, 2009)

Faith in advertising misplaced – Essay at ABC Opinion (2 September 2009)

Word of Mouth Marketing – Essay in The Australian

McDonalds and the Heart Foundation Tick – The Age

The Winning Ribbon goes to Clarity – The Sunday Age


The rise of the super product – Sunday Style Magazine (26 May, 2013)

Board with homework – The Weekend Australian Financial Review, 2-3 July, 2011

Emotions in play despite rationality – The Australian, 2 March, 2011

ASIC may get power to ban products – The Australian Financial Review, 23 February, 2011

Vegemite contest draws protests – The New York Times (2 November, 2009)

Think of a price, then double it – The Age and Sydney Morning Herald (27 March, 2010)

Telstra changes welcomed, but questions remain – Business Day (16 September 2009)

Father Bob: the real deal – Herald-Sun (14 September 2009)

Choice Magazine – the psychology behind the selling of gyms

Savings under our noses – The Daily Telegraph (12 July 2009)

The Science of Hard Sell – The Age

Social Capital – Harvard University

Corey’s antics leave generations divided – NineMSN

Ethical Consumption – The Sydney Morning Herald

Real Estate Underquoting

Struggle to Stay Faithful

Today Tonight – Movies Marketed to Kids

Herald-Sun – Cost of Hero Worship

The key to loyalty – B and T

Keynote Address at EDR Forum, Sydney, July, 2007



Generic brands and alcohol marketing – ABC 702, Sydney

The political ad invasion has begun – Hack, Triple J radio (31 May, 2010)

Credit Limit Increase Offers – Banks Target Vulnerable Customers – AM, ABC National Radio

Credit card marketing – 2GB, Sydney

Supermarket Psychology discussion with ABC radio Canberra



Online Retailing


The best and worst ads – Today Tonight


Neuromarketing research


D0n’t be a Dickhead – VicRoads social marketing campaign


Supermarket Psychology story on “Can We Help?”


The Truth about Valentine’s Day – 7pm Project, Channel Ten, 12 February, 2010


Food Investigators on SBS1


Interview on 9am with David & Kim, Channel 10 (28 May 2009) – In-home selling/Marketing of gyms


Secrets of Door to Door Salesmen – Sunrise Program


iSnack 2.0 failure – The Morning Show, October 2009


Gym contracts and maths software – 9am with David and Kim, May 2009


Unsolicited credit card limit increases


ABC News Commentary on Consumer Reaction to GM Foods

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