Talking Shop on ABC Radio National

The Talking Shop series on Life Matters unravels the world of marketing spin and consumer psychology with hosts Kirsten Drysdale and Dr Paul Harrison, along with expert guests. Could your credit card help you lose weight? Are the clouds choosing the colour of your new car for you – or how much you bid on a house auction? Can money buy happiness after all? And is anyone on earth actually buying disposable razors for their ‘new lavender-scented’ handles? If so, why?

Kirsten Drysdale from ABC1’s The Checkout and Dr Paul Harrison from Deakin University’s Graduate School of Business, are joined by guest experts in consumer behaviour, psychology, marketing, advertising and branding, to delve deep into the annals of consumer research to show how even the most rational among us are being thwarted by marketers who know just how to reach the reptilian part of our brains.

Talking Shop is a Giant Dwarf and RN co-production.

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