research and consultancy

tribalinsight can provide organisations and brands with a range of deep  insights into their current and potential customers. We specialise in providing advice and research in the field of consumer behaviour and marketing strategy, so if your work has anything to do with consumers (and all businesses should), you should talk to us.

We conduct rigorous and valid qualitative research (from in-depth interviews, focus groups, and content analysis through to immersion techniques such as the long interview, ethonography, video diaries and on-site experiments).

We are also highly skilled in quantitative techniques, from descriptive research through to advanced methods such as multiple regresssion, and structural equation modelling, using online data gathering methodologies.

We design our projects around rigorous principles, and develop research programs specifically tailored to the marketing issues you are trying to understand or the marketing problems you are trying to solve.

For more information contact paul.harrison{at}


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